Prototyping 3D model of orthopedic corset






















Maker Woman Project, Fab Lab Powered by Orange, ‘Robisz To’ Foundation, Warsaw 2018

Work in Process



Project by Vena Naskręcka, Maria Dębińska, Stanisław Łoboziak

filmed by Karol Wójcicki in Biology laboratory Copernicus Science Center


Pulse Translator

Maria Dębińska, Vena Naskręcka, Beata Seweryn, Urszula Skiepko, Patrycja Stefanek. Programming: Piotr Paweł Adamczyk, Mateusz Janik

Collaborators and special thanks to: Copernicus, AAI, Amy Karle, Piotr Gołąbek, Piotr Pobłocki, Dagmara Kiradze, Mateusz Pawełczuk, Jacek Rosiński, Monika Urbaniak and Kinga Szymańska.
Work created in cooperation with FabLab powered by Orange.

Side Site




performance, 15 min, Pavilion 512, Copernicus Science Centre, Warsaw


Honoured to be part of ‘Layers of Life’ ogranized by American Arts Incubator and Amy Karle

Team: Spotlight on women in STEAM in Warsaw

Place: Copernicus Science Centre


Maker Woman Project, Fab Lab Powered by Orange, ‘Robisz To’ Foundation, Warsaw 2018

Work in Process








ART WEEK | Workshop Series 2017: Joint Performance Summer Class by La Pocha Nostra & VestAndPage, C32 performingartworkspace, Forte Marghera, Mestre-Venice (IT)

pic. Lorenza Cini

video from the final presentation





Performance ReFlect as part of Night with performance art‘On the border of perception grow amazing flowers’, Night with performance art, Kobro Gallery, Łódź

pic. Monika Deimling


Neuro phase

neuro4        neuro3




Two of Us- Process

Two of Us Process 1           Two of Us Process 2

Two of Us Process 3 

Work in Progress

   dsc_0644                                   dsc_0625

 dsc_0606                                dsc_0605


Directional Forces Residency, Psarades, Greece 2016

DSC_0137 DSC_0462             DSC_0611


Inspireing time, beautiful nature and people, history of Greece and Prespa region

REM-Brand Name Project, Group Exhibition, Lola Nikolaou Art Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece

Vena Afraid to ask nr 1         Vena Afraid to ask nr 3                     Vena Afraid to ask nr 2

Using performance remains as a base and insiration for collage works

work dedicated to Dariusz Nocoń

Paradox City Student Project: Reactivating Central Poznan
31st August – 9th September, Poznań, Poland
Run in conjunction with the PARADOX biennial Conference

My new performance ‘De Construct’ soon on the Art Lot Dublin, Dublin Live Art Festival 2015

Friday 24th of July, 6-9 pm,  The corner of Harcourt Road and Richmond Street South


Art Lot Dublin is a project funded by local businesses, which has transformed a previously derelict site in Dublin’s City Centre into an outdoor exhibition space for contemporary art, interventions and performances.




Works in progress, practice



Working on the new project, body corresponding to and with the outside


New studio space


An intimate evening of new Performance and Live Art which will be held at 7pm on 27th February in the Mart Gallery, Rathmines. On the event I will present results of my recent research, new performance work titled ‘Analysis’.

Contemporary Dance Classes with Inma Pavon

I am experimenting with how specific movement can change how we see and feel the body or a particular body part, as well how I can explore the space between me and other objects, people. Dance classes help me to be aware of these issues,  expand my knowledge about body, movement and placing it in the space. In the same time I see how comprehensive dance is,  amplify concentration and engage both brain hemispheres. I will use this practice in my future works.